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Our ethos

We only make real retro scooters...


Our focus

To design and manufacture authentic 'real retro' scooters.

Royal Alloy are a British brand from the North of England dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of totally unique 'classic' inspired scooters made to exacting standards utilising components from market leading suppliers.

Our reach

We are now 'global' reaching out across the world.

From a humble start and a focus on the British market, Royal Alloy has expanded across the world.

Riders around the world come together to share the experience of riding a truly authentic style with the benefits of modern technology that enhances safety and the enjoyment of stable sure footed handling closely coupled to efficient powerful engines.


Enjoy Life!

We work hard so you can enjoy what you ride

Do we ride scooters? yes!  Indeed we ride all manners of two wheeled transport and enjoy them all - but in particular we enjoy the style and freedom of the scooter

especially the Royal Alloy scooter - check our mission to be not only environmentally friendly but essentially trendy, we are unique, we do not follow others, we make our own journeys so why not join us....

...Enjoy Life!

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